Jakpost Taste Test: \'Es Kopi Susu\'

Following the third-wave coffee movement in Jakarta and other large cities in Indonesia comes the es kopi susu (iced coffee with milk) trend, available in small kiosks across the city.

Compared to many food and beverages trends that come and go, es kopi susu in Jakarta is seemingly here to stay, barely affected by the global raise of boba (bubble tea) drinks.

Whether ordering through a food delivery app or buying straight from the kiosk, the young urbanites who drink boba would still have es kopi susu on a different day.

The reason why iced coffee has stayed popular is its affordability, costing up to only Rp 18,000 (US$ 1.27) per cup. Now especially, with many cash-back offers available, es kopi susu makes the usual espresso-based beverages seem like luxury goods in comparison.

As more business owners now compete in the game of es kopi susu, millennial and Gen Z coffee drinkers have a trove of options to choose from.

A Jakpost Taste Test conducted on Friday featured four popular es kopi susu brands, namely Toko Kopi Tuku (dubbed the pioneer of Jakarta’s iced coffee trend), Janji Jiwa and Kopi Soe (whose kiosks are now available across the city), as well as Kopi Kenangan, which is finalizing a million-dollar funding deal from venture capital firm Sequoia Capital India at the time of writing.


  • Muthi Kautsar: The Jakarta Post journalist who can’t take her coffee without milk — but no sugar is fine. She brings her own tumblers or mugs to coffee shops.
  • Vita Bayu Putri: Currently in high school and an intern at the Post. She is not a big coffee person but drinks coffee once in a while.
  • Nicholas Dharmadi: Recently graduated and an intern at the Post. A semifrequent coffee drinker, he is especially fond of espresso.
  • Ayra Chantiqa: High schooler and an intern at the Post, she’s a frequent coffee drinker who ignores her body’s inability to process caffeine. She didn’t realize decaf was an option until recently.

The tasting panel for Jakpost's  The tasting panel for Jakpost's "es kopi susu" (iced coffee with milk) taste test. (JP/Devina Heriyanto)

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Kopi Soe’s Es Kopi Soe Goela Merah (single espresso, milk, brown sugar)

Price: Rp 18,000


Source : https://www.thejakartapost.com/life/2019/06/29/jakpost-taste-test-es-kopi-susu.html